Services offered by Gardeners

Professional gardeners and landscapers offer various services


When you want to hire a gardener, it is important to know the services they offer to ensure that your chosen gardener offers the services your garden needs. Some of the services offered by gardeners are:

Garden clearance

A messy garden can reduce the appeal of your home to prospective buyers, or even, bring the value of properties down in the neighborhood, or juts be an eyesore. If you need help clearing your overgrown garden, find a reliable gardener.

To clear your garden, your gardener starts by removing the loose debris. Cutting, collecting removing the overgrown weeds follows. The gardener may also revive your soil by tilling and adding fertilizer.

Garden design

A perfect garden design is the foundation of an incredible landscape. How does your dream garden look? Is it an English cottage garden? If you want to make your dream a reality, hire a landscaper.

To create the perfect garden for your home, your landscaper visits your home and inspects the space you want to design. You are then asked to list down your requirements for the project. The landscaper then plans your garden as per your requirements, and the process of transforming your garden begins.


• If you want to have a garden with outstanding texture, mix the ornamental grass and shrubs.

• Have your walls and fence painted in dull colors it will make your garden bigger and brighter



Do you dream of having a relaxing atmosphere in your home? With innovative landscaping, you can transform your garden and improve its functionality by adding a hard element. Some of the hard features you can integrate into your garden are:

• A set of landscape stairs

• A retaining wall

• Driveways

• Water feature

To realize your dream of having a tranquil environment at home, you need to find a landscaper who can design and create the hard elements that your garden needs.

Garden advice

If you are planning to have a garden or already have one, any helpful gardening advice you can get goes a long way in ensuring that your garden stays healthy and visually appealing. You can get advice from many sources, including books and via the Internet. However; the only way to get the right gardening advice, is to find a gardener.

From your gardener, you can learn about the fertilizer to use, the type of plants suitable for your local climate and the best gardening practices ideal for your soil type.

Yard waste removal

Unwanted waste can pile up in your garden or front yard and completely change its appearance. You can find a reliable gardener to remove green waste, including lawn clippings, tree leaves, and mulch. A gardener can also remove the hard debris and all unwanted things in your yard.

To make the yard cleaning process easy, the gardener starts by removing debris like twigs and rocks. The leaves are then raked and disposed of. Some of the tools used to clean your yard effectively include:

• A wheelbarrow to transport the waste

• Rake to collect leaves

• Garden bag for storing the waste


If you want to give your yard a pristine appearance, it is essential to edge the sides of the yard to create cleaner lines.

Jet washing

To complement your beautiful garden, keep your pathway, driveway, and patio clean. If your garden requires extreme cleaning, find a gardener who offers jet-cleaning services. Jet cleaning keeps your landscape clean by removing plant tissues, dust and other dirt that might layer up on your pavement.

Before jet cleaning, the surface is cleaned to remove garden waste, leaves and dirt that might be accumulated on the surface. Only the stuck dirt and algae are left on the surface. Once the surface is prepared, Jet washing starts.


• Jet cleaning is done by water pressure. Ensure you have free run water.

• Before cleaning, apply water detergent on the surface to loosen stubborn build-up materials.


Planting a new hedge, flowers, or grass can be exhausting. If you are planting your garden, you might miss some essential steps, for instance, the aftercare that is crucial to the wellbeing of your plants. Therefore, unless you are a gardener, hire a reliable gardener with the expertise to nurture your plants.

To start the planting process, your gardener identifies a suitable area. Any debris, such as stones are cleared, and compost or fertilizer is mixed with your soil to improve its quality. The gardener then plants your hedge or grass and waters it to avoid drying. Some of the tools used during planting include:

• Rake

• Pruning scissors

• Hoe

• Water hose

• Spade/Shovel

• Trowel


• Make sure your new plants are close to a water source so that you can sufficiently water them.

• Invest in the right blend of soil mixture. It should be fertile and have good drainage.

Lawn mowing

After a rainy season or spell, your grass can grow fast, and you might have to consider regular mowing. Finding a reliable gardener to mow your lawns is essential because correct mowing keeps your grass uniform and looking its best.

Robot mowers (cut the grass or lawn using pre-programming and automation) are becoming more common now they will cut the graph on a schedule and route, around a given area and on gradients, we will not cover those in this article but just to refer to them as they may be an aid a gardener uses and then finish up the edges and other work manually

To mow your lawn, your gardeners start by removing debris and stones that could damage the mower. The gardener then sets mowing height at the highest to ensure that the grass is not cut too low. While mowing, the gardener mows up and down in straight overlapping lines ensuring every section of your lawn is uniformly mowed.

When mowing is completed, your gardener uses edging shears to cuts the grass at the edges of your garden. If the grass clippings are short, they are left to decompose while longer clippings are raked and collected.

To mow your lawn, the gardener uses the following tools

• Rotary or hover mower

• Rake to collect the grass clippings

• Edging shears

• Electric edge trimmer

• Vacuum blower


Mowing in dry weather is easier because the cutting blades cut well when the grass is dry.


Unwanted plants in your garden can reduce its aesthetic appeal. Weeds compete for water and nutrient with your plants. Weeding your garden involves digging to loosen the soil close to the weed and then pulling the weed by the root.

Your gardener can use bare hands to pull out weeds from your garden. However, some weeds have strong roots, and the gardener needs to use tools including:

• Claw

• Shovel

• Hoe

• Organic and non herbicidal weed killer spray


• The best time to have your garden weeded is after rains because the soil is moist and loose and pulling weeds is easier.

• While pulling the weeds, pull carefully to prevent the seeds from falling into the soil and re-growing in the earth again.

Pruning hedges

Pruning removes overgrown and dead branches from hedges in your garden. It promotes the growth of your plants and keeps your garden tidy. Pruning can be a simple DIY project but if you want to maintain a healthy and beautiful garden, hire a gardener.

To prune your plants correctly, your gardener inspects them and identifies the branches to remove. The hedges are then pruned while shaping them to your desired shape. Some of the tools you can use to prune your garden are:

• Pruning saw

• Hedge shears

• Pruning shears


• While pruning your hedges, allow them to get a little bigger with each prune

• Ensure that the bottom of your hedges is more expansive than your top to allow sunlight to penetrate.

Tree trimming

It is essential to trim trees occasionally to prevent them from growing into structures, including your garage or home. Tree trimming also keeps your trees away from the power lines.

Before trimming your tree, identify the limbs to remove. It is essential to cut parallel branches parallel to allow more sunlight. Cutting parallel also ensures that the trimmed branches do not impede the growth of other branches. Some of the tools commonly used in tree pruning include:

• Rope saw

• Lopping shears

• Hand pruners

• Chain saw

• Rope saw


• Try pruning your trees when they are still young, young trees are easier to manage, and the risk of leaving scars on your trees is reduced.

• If you need to lift yourself to reach your tree branches, find a gardener to trim the trees.

• Your Gardner will have contacts of tree surgeons who can help with big trees, do not attempt to remove branches yourself unless you are qualified, trained and have the right equipment, this is to ensure you, others and your property or other peoples property does not get damaged.


Regular watering of your garden ensures that your plants have enough moisture to stay healthy. When you travel for work or vacation, you can hire a gardener to keep your plants hydrated.

To water your garden efficiently, your gardener water in the morning when the sun hasn’t risen. Watering is done at a twenty minutes interval to allow water to soak into the soil. When it comes to watering tools, the available options include:

• Sprinklers

• Soaker hose

• Installed irrigation system


• When watering your plants and flowers, aim at the base of the plants to keep the leaves dry to minimize the risk of fungal diseases and slugs

Holiday decorations

We are eager to decorate our gardens during the holidays to show that we share in the season's joy. If you do not have time to decorate your garden, worry not! You can hire a landscaper to decorate for you.

A landscaper can help you set up spooky Halloween decorations or hang your Christmas lights on the trees. Another way a landscaper can help make your garden more festive is by incorporating bright flowers. Your landscaper can also set luminaries across your lawn, leading to an inviting fire pit.


A beautiful and healthy garden is the dream of many homeowners. To improve the health of your garden, you need to use the right fertilizer. If you are unsure of the best fertilizers to use or are not sure of the process to use to fertilize your garden, find a gardener to carry out the task for you.

Before applying the fertilizer, the gardener determines the plants in your garden. Your soil is tested to determine which nutrients are lacking, and the fertilizer is applied. Depending on the fertilizer during the application, your gardener needs:

• Sprayer for liquid fertilizer

• Spreader for granular fertilizer


• If you are using the granular fertilizers, watering your garden or lawn several days before fertilizer application can help to dissolve the granules easily

Pest control services

Summer is the time of year when your plants blooms and fruits. The aesthetic appeal of your garden also attracts pests, including ants and caterpillars, which can destroy your garden. Therefore, if you notice any pests in your garden or lawn, find a gardener to control them.

Your gardeners can use natural pest control methods or pesticides. Some of the commonly used natural pest control methods include:

• Using physical barriers to stop the pest from destroying your flowers and plants

• Planting companion plants that produce natural insect repellents, including garlic and marigold.

• Keeping your plants healthy to resist damage by pest

Your gardener can also use natural pesticides, including spray chemicals and organic pesticides, to control the pests.


If you notice pests on your lawn or garden, prepare for pest control because if you delay, pests will increase, and it might be challenging to control.

Landscaper vs. Gardener

Both landscapers and gardeners create and maintain functional and beautiful outdoor spaces. Despite their similarities, a thin line separates the two trade services.

Gardeners are soft-scaper’s and only focus on the wellbeing and health of the plants. They have in-depth knowledge about flowers, trees, and shrubs and can help you choose the best location for your plants. They also know the best time to have your plants pruned, when to fertilize and how to deal with plants, diseases and pest infestations in your garden.

Gardeners can tend to a single plant or an entire garden with various plants. Therefore, if you are looking to have your garden maintained or brought back to life by planting flowers and other plants, you need a gardener.

On the other hand, landscapers carry out hard-scaping to bring your property to life. They design, construct, and sculpt ponds and topiaries. They also build driveways, patios, walls, gazebos, and pergolas.

Landscapers create beautiful and unique designs using their expertise to design irrigation systems and lighting for your garden. Their creative design yields unique, functional outdoor spaces harmonious with your entire compound.

Because landscapers do more construction work, they must have trade licenses, permits and certifications. Therefore, find a landscaper if you want to redesign or rebuild your garden by adding new features.


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