How to hire a local Gardener or Landscaper

Professional gardeners and landscapers are essential hires for your home as well as commercial or other projects


Hiring a gardener might seem confusing, especially if you have never worked with one before. You want to find a gardener who will tend to your yard or plants with care and love, resulting in a beautiful and appealing garden. Apart from having a fancy business card, how can you tell apart the best gardener from the others? Read on to learn more about hiring the perfect gardener.

Is it worth hiring a gardener?

Every homeowner dream of having a clean patio, well-tended plants, healthy flowers, and properly manicured lawns. There are many reasons why having a gardener is a worthy investment

Gardening is hard work

Gardening seems like a fun alternative, especially when you work in an office all day. However, gardening is hard work and requires physical strength and an understanding of what you are capable of and what you are not. Therefore, if you are unsure of hiring a gardener it is worth every penny you spend on them. They understand the nature of the hard work, the requirements to deliver a good and prosperous garden and they know how to approach a job efficiently with the right tools, techniques and experience, to deliver a consistently good job on your garden, whilst being efficient and working to strict timelines.

Gardeners can save you time, but also are experts on grass and lawn

When you hire a gardener, you can save a lot of time that you would have spent on gardening and you would not have necessarily produced the quality of work a gardener would otherwise provide. For example, you could spend a lot of time planning what you want and end up taking longer to do it but still not getting the right result. For example a gardener can mow and trim a 200 square meter garden in about 25 minutes, with consistent grass height, with consideration of gradients, dead grass, directional cutting, and disposal of grass, as well as recommend fertilizer or nutrients with the grass clippings.

Gardeners have the proper tools and experience

A gardener knows what works and what does not. Using their experiences, they can assess your garden and offer suggestions, including weeding the flower beds, cutting the perennial plants, removing the poor-performing plants, and adding more vigorous plants.

Examples of skills and knowledge a gardener has

- Mowing, cutting, pruning, tress surgery, trimming

- Management, preservation and maintenance of green fields and green spaces

- Weeding, de-cluttering, weeding and plant arrangement

- Irrigation and irrigation system management, hydroponics and water feature management

- Application of chemical and organic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers

- Soil treatment procedures

- Seedling, sowing, planting and harvesting

- Tree, shrub and bush management

- Plant and horticultural supply to private gardens, parks and green fields

- Designing, landscaping and building gardens

- Cultivating fruit and vegetable plants

Gardeners also use their experience and expertise to schedule gardening tasks to priorities those that need immediate attention, including applying pesticides and fertilizers. They also use their skills and expertise to encourage the species you want to grow, and uproot the ones you want to eliminate. Gardeners also plan seasonal management of the garden as well as that of wildlife and they also have the tools and equipment needed to perform gardening tasks efficiently.

How can gardening benefit you and your home

It is important to consider gardening both as a way to keep a pleasant and appealing garden, but also a way to add value and help nature and the environment

It increases the value of your home

Whether you are planning to stay in your home for more years or sell it, having a neat and manicured garden adds value to your home. When you hire a gardener, they can invest in the right design, plants and utilization of space, that there is a tangible appreciation in the value of the space and your home.

A gardener can make your dream garden into a reality

You might have a great idea to change your yard into a beautiful garden, and it might require more skills than you have. If you find a reliable gardener you also find a creative and technical artist, that can bring your garden to life like a painter does a canvas. If you want your garden to be filled with flowers that will blossom during summer and spring, adding colour and life to your home, they can make this a reality, they can ensure colour schemes, and plants are coordinated and support the ecosystem in your garden, such that bees, butterflies and wildlife can flourish, this could well include such things as feeders for birds and rare species of squirrel. They can also ensure your plant remain disease and infection free, by pruning and organic herbicide use, as well as watering and nitrification of your garden whilst ensuring light management to encourage the optimum environment for photosynthesis for plants.

What should you look for when hiring a gardener?

Now that we have established hiring a reliable gardener is the best option for your garden, you need to know what to look for when hiring a gardener. The following are some of the things you should consider while hiring your gardener.

What you need from the gardener

Before looking for a gardener or a landscaper, you need to have your gardening checklist ready. If you want to add a gazebo or pavement to your garden, you need to hire a landscaper. If you want to add stunning flowers and grass to your garden, you need to hire a gardener.

Understanding the services you need from a gardener makes your hiring process easier, and it saves time and can help you make better decisions.

What skills and qualifications should you look for in a professional gardener

Once you have identified the specific type of gardening services you need, you can start looking for a gardener with qualifications that fits your gardening needs. for example

- Knowledge of techniques that are relevant to gardening

- Knowledge of plant and flower care techniques and methods

- Ability to use professional mowing, trimming and pruning equipment safely and professionally

- Able to perform at a high level, work that requires manual labor skills

- Precision and attention to detail

- Strong Interpersonal skills and ability communicate effectively and to work as part of a team

- A good level of health and physical fitness

- Flexibility and reliability

- Poses the right health and safety equipment and clothing, to undertake the task where these are required

Experience shows that a gardener is qualified. However, in some cases, certifications also indicate that a gardener has extensive knowledge required for your gardening project. For instance, if you need the services of an arborist, they should have an arboriculture and horticultural certificates. If you need a gardener to plant or tend to your flowers, confirm whether they are members of the Royal Horticulture Society (RHS).

Specialization in the area of professional gardening

If you want a gardener to undertake a special task in your garden, you should consider the gardeners' specialization. Some gardeners specialize in maintaining plants and shrubs, while others specialize in caring for flowers. Therefore, hiring a specialized gardener provides you with the services that your garden needs.

Check for references

While hiring a gardener, you want to ensure that the gardener you have hired can give life to your garden. You can ask for references from your family and friends. If you hire a gardener who has previously worked for a person you know, you can get a perspective on their work's quality and style. You can also visit your friends and family’s garden to see the result.

Also, you can ask your gardener for a list of references before hiring a gardener. It will help you to know whether they have the relevant experience and if they can efficiently carry out the physical work involved in gardening. An experienced gardener will quickly provide you with a contact list of references to follow up.

Read their reviews and ratings

Apart from checking references, you can also use social media platforms and websites to check and analyze gardener’s reviews and testimonials from previous customers. The reviews will allow you to see the different types of projects the gardener carried out and the customer experience for each project.

Check their insurance

It is also important to ensure that your gardener has relevant insurance policies. For instance, the public liability insurance covers damages to your property while your gardener is working and the employer’s liability insurance covers injuries while the gardener is working. It is also important to ask for proof of insurance before hiring your local gardener.

Compare prices and services

Choose two to five gardeners and compare their prices and services before hiring one of them for your gardening project. The best work does not necessarily mean the highest prices. Therefore, find the gardener offering the best services at a reasonable price.

Qualities to look for in a gardener/ landscaper

While looking for a gardener, you want to find a reliable gardener to bring life to your garden. Some of the qualities your chosen gardener should have are:

Gardeners or Landscapers who are Creative

Gardening is creative, Hiring a creative gardener or landscaper is also essential. You can determine if a gardener is creative by looking into previous projects. If they delivered unique projects, you had never seen before, their creativity is broad.

Finding a creative landscaper might be challenging, but when you find one, you can be sure to get a fantastic garden. They can design your garden according to your specifications and add landscaping features, including a gazebo or a pavement, to elevate the beauty of your garden

Hire Gardeners or Landscapers who have arboricultural and horticultural knowledge

What is horticultural knowledge in gardening?

Horticulture is the ability to select plants, flowers, fruits or nuts to be able to produce organic medicinal ingredients, or for food. These can also encompass the look of the garden for ornamental or comfort requirements. Horticulture can be sub-divided into categories that cultivating and processing different types of foods and plants for different applications,

What is arboricultural knowledge in gardening?

Whilst it can be considered a sub-category of horticulture, it is probably a field in its own right, as it focuses on the cultivation, study and management of trees, shrubs, vines and perennial woody plants, rather that cultivation and processing of flowers, fruits. etc It compliments Horticulture, in the science of studying how these plants respond to cultivation and practices, in an environment, and the effect of cultural techniques, such as planting, training, pathogen and pest control, as well as pruning, shaping, cutting and removing.

Hiring a gardener with in-depth knowledge of garden maintenance and clearance is essential. A knowledgeable gardener who has horticultural and arboricultural knowledge, can easily explain what your garden needs and why some specific features and requirements you want will want or not want, to work with your garden, in terms you can understand and comprehend to make decsions.

Additionally, a knowledgeable gardener can advise you on species of flowers and shrubs you can combine to achieve your desired result. They also know the right season to plant and the type of fertilizer to use. Knowledge also helps your garden to provide the appropriate maintenance for every species in your garden.

Further skills required in a Gardner or landscaper


Nurturing plants requires patience, and you should find patient gardeners. Every plant in your garden is unique and has different growth and flowering period. Some require minimal maintenance, and frequently checking on them might hinder their growth. Therefore, hiring a gardener who knows when to prune or trim your garden is an added advantage.


Regardless of your garden's style and size, hire a landscaper who is passionate about your project. If the landscaper is passionate about your vision for your garden, your garden will likely be outstanding after the landscaping services.

Attention to detail

A good gardener or landscaper will give you accurate details about your project. They will explain the result of their project vividly, and you will have a clear picture of how your yard will look like after their services.

It is also important to hire a landscaper that pays attention to details because the quality of their landscaping will also improve. Additionally, attention to detail will allow your landscaper to identify problems before they happen.

A gardener who pays attention to details provides consistent, reliable and accurate services. For instance, if you wanted a half a meter hedge, they will ensure that every section of the hedge is half a meter while trimming.


A gardener must be able to communicate the vision and the requirements of the resources, times etc to deliver that vision, in many senses they have to be able to also ensure you are aware of anything that needs to happen well in advance to deliver the vision.

Project management

An exceptional Gardener will have excellent project management skills, they must know what the sequencing of tasks is, duration, start and completion times, resource requirements, critical path analysis, risk and contingency management, and other skills, like sprints and agile rollout, these skills compliment both the approach, cost, safety and capability to realize the vision.

Questions to ask your landscapers/ gardener before hiring them

• Can you manage to provide the type of service I need in the given timeframe

• Will you provide an itemized quotation for the project?

• How are you going to dispose the waste from my yard?

• Do you provide a guarantee for your work?

• Does my project require any regulatory approval?

How much should I pay a gardener in the UK?

There are many different services offered by gardeners and landscapers, and the cost of each service differs. The daily rate for a gardener varies from £150 to £400 and £250 -£2500 for small and medium landscaping projects. The table below shows the cost of the standard gardening services.

Gardening labor costs

table gardening labor costs
This is a general guide. Some gardeners and landscapers may cost less or more depending on expertise, costs fuel, rates in area etc.

Some factors that can also influence the cost of gardening services include:

Size of your garden

For services like lawn mowing, trimming hedges, and plant maintenance, the size of your garden affects the cost. Bigger gardens have lawns that are more extensive and hedges and cost more than relatively smaller gardens.

Your gardener’s experience

If you choose a more experienced gardener or landscaper, it will cost you more. However, the result of the services rendered will give you the garden of your dreams.

The season

Hiring a gardener in peak seasons, including spring and autumn, when plants and flowers grow fast and need more maintenance, is likely to be more expensive than during off-peak seasons, including winter.

The condition of your garden

Your gardening cost can vary depending on how well your garden is maintained. An overgrown garden takes more time to clear. It might cost you more than a well-maintained garden.

The types of plants in your garden

If you have specific plants and flowers in your garden, they need a more thorough approach to pruning, fertilizing, and weeding than the native plants and flowers. Therefore, your gardeners’ fees also increase.

Your desired finish

The result you are hoping to achieve can also determine your gardening cost. If you want a simple hedge trimming service, it will cost you less. However, if you want your hedge to be sculpted in an artistic form, you will pay more.


The location of your home will also affect your gardening cost. For instance, if you live in London, you are likely to pay your gardener £5 - £10 more than those living in the Northern UK are.


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