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Why choose a find a builder referral site?


You will get many contractors in one place. It is therefore better and easier to compare them easily.


When more than one builder is actively trying to attract you, they often brings out the best in them. Only the best thrive in such an environment.

what does seem important is asking billntrade.com how can you help,


The referral website should allow listings of qualified, licensed, and qualified builders only.

How find a builder referral website policies mean to you as a customer?

Paid vs. unpaid expression of interest and request for proposals

If a builder has to pay per every RFQ they respond to, some will choose not to respond to jobs they think are not high value. This means that you may struggle to get a builder for a small task, using a professional platform like Billntrade allows builders access to quotes without the per quote referral costs.

Pick a referral website that does not charge per RFQ.

Allowing multiple trades or not

A referral site allows multiple trades, you can get a general contractor on the platform. General contractors and large firms can have an advantage when doing complex projects. You want a referral site that does not require traders to sign up for multiple accounts to list different trades.

Preferred builder

If you scan through local builders' profiles and decide to work with a specific one, you should be able to RFQ jobs from them. Some referral sites do not allow that because sometimes they hide leads from some traders. Especially those not paying higher per quote fees. Find your preferred builder through billntrade.com as a referral site that prides itself on allowing you to pick your desired builders and request a quote, or them to quote to you for work you need, we do this value piece without charging them for working on quotes or trying to win quotes this is part of a healthy way to use digital to help the hard working professional builders in the trade.

What about sold leads?

Once you visit a referral website, you are recognized as a lead. Some will allow you to post a job on the board. The site determines who will see that post. Always check if the referral site for builders is selling leads. If it is selling leads, it means it will most likely sell it to the builder of choice, or whoever is willing to buy the lead at the highest price, this is not necessarily the most qualified, experienced, or appropriate builder.

What about limiting the number of builders per location?

While it is good for builders, it is not good for you as a customer. Limiting the number of builders means that you will not have a variety to choose from. There is little competition, and therefore prices can be go unchecked and be artificially high due to lack of competition, this would not be fair to allow monopolization of a post codes or geography by a few working to keep prices high.

As you can see, picking a find a builder referral website is a critical decision. You want to have all the information and opportunity, You want to have access to more local builders, more competition among builders, and more importantly, highly qualified builders, and you want the best experience in digital getting to that.

At billntrade.com we have everything you need as a customer looking for a builder.

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