About us

Founder Amelia and Co-founder Kelly enjoy home improvement and met on an interior design project for a client. 'We enjoyed working with the trade, but quickly realised tech for tradespeople was broken. There were no digital products focused on helping tradespeople and customers manage the essential interactions on jobs or projects. As a result, tradespeople depend on approaches that are expensive, time consuming, friction burdened and outdated. The problem persists in that other solutions just replicate the same issues, they are expensive, require a lot of time and effort, are friction heavy, disconnected and un-reliable. We felt tradespeople need digital solutions that actually improve how things are done, with less effort and at a lower cost.'

After convincing our good friend Nigel, to come on board as a co-founder and technology lead, we set to work with four key goals:

(1) Facilitate access to jobs and project opportunities for tradespeople.

(2) Remove friction, delays and in-efficiency, by removing unnecessary middle man activity.

(3) Create a better way for tradespeople to manage the sales cycle for jobs and projects.

(4) Improve how customers and tradespeople work together on jobs and projects.

After a lot of research, design and development we finally had a product that was capable of truly helping tradespeople, by removing the friction and costly nature of doing business. Our product offers tradespeople a path to winning jobs and managing work, with less friction and more control; all whilst enabling a more tailored customer experience. The benefits of such a solution are significant, increased revenue opportunities, improved customer service, better business management and more importantly a future capable business through digital enablement.

Professional tradespeople everywhere continue to miss out on opportunities, because technology is focused on other areas, and rarely focused on grass roots trade businesses. That's why our mission is make sure professional tradespeople everywhere, are not left behind by technology. We will continue to work on and develop effective problem solving digital products, with the trade at the centre, built on principles of access, simplicity and capability.