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How to find a Roofer

Professional roofers are skilled tradespeople

There are a few ways to find a professional roofer, but the key is to find the right Roofer who is able to deliver your project on time, on budget and to the right quality standard. When finding a Roofer who is qualified, experienced, and licensed you will more the likely get a high-quality roofing project delivered to your requirements and standards.

Below we have compiled a detailed guide on how to find a professional Roofer that you can trust to deliver your project. Check it out below as this guide is useful to all customers looking to find a good Roofer.

What do roofers do?

builders on the roof

The first question is what do roofers do, they are professional tradesmen and women, but they also have skills as carpenters, they have skills working with special tools, and materials. They understand how the roofing process and how to work with different safety equipment and transfer of materials. They can work on projects, which include housing or repair and restoration, as well as enhancement of roofs. Roofers must comply with building regulations when carrying out construction projects.

Below are some of the things a Roofer would be responsible for when undertaking a job or project:

• Installation of roofs

• Replacement of roofs

• Repairing roofs

• Building a new roof

• Waterproofing roofs

• Tiling on sloped roofs

• Installing underlay and battens

• Rendering and sealing roof joints

• Installing skylights

Once you find a Roofer, the Roofer will examine the area they work on to determine the type of work that you need doing. A roofer can be involved in three principle types of projects or jobs

Roof installations

If you have a new home built you will normally have a roof installed on the home as part of the project, this is to protect the entire structure as well as keep the structure aesthetically appealing and solid.

Most homes over time will require some kind of replacement of part, most or the entire roof. Whether it is shingle roofing, flat roofing, metal roofing, or mobile home roofing, all roofing materials eventually wear out.

When the above mentioned repairs are no longer viable as a modular or one off solution you will need to call in a roofer to install a new roof.

What signs indicate you need a new roof?

The signs that may indicate you need a new rook include but are not limited to:

• Rusting of the metal on roofs

• Loosening of the panels

• Shingles are cupped, curled or broken

• Cracked shingles

• Visible damage from storm or weather, such as water ingress

A professional roofer can conduct an inspection and then determine the risk to further damage, life remaining, what needs to be replacing, or a full roof installation.

Roof repair or roof replacement (installation)

Typically if you have a leaking roof or broken tile, or some type of weather damage, assuming you have had an inspection a roofer may recommend a repair job. They will determine what they need to do to restore and repair the roof.

Typical the roofer will be looking for several things to determine if it is a repair or replacement (installation)

Roof leaks

roof leaking and man catchin water in bucket

These are the most common reason for a homeowner to call out a professional roofer. They present as staining and dripping from the celling or running down the walls of the property. Leaks can sometimes damage to attics, the internal structure of the property as well as integrity, the level of damage and the extent of the job or job type, will depend on three main factors, severity of the leak and how long the leak has been going for and where it has permeated. If the leak has been for a short time, with assessment it may be repairable, but if it has been for a while a new rook may be the only option.

Roof age

The age of the rook is also important, as we explained above all materials degrade and wear away over time with exposure to the elements or just with structural integrity breaking down over-time. Typically when a roof has come to the end of its normal life span, it will begin to cost more to repair and maintain. This cost can go up, so it may be more cost effective and safe to replace the roof by a professional roofer.

Roof damage

If a roof has been damaged in a storm by a fallen tree, or pylon, this structural damage may need a repair or replacement. A good roofer will let you know the best and safest solution from an inspection and assessment. There are other types of damage, if the rook looks element and weather worn; there is moss, algae, or fungus growing on the roof, along with rot between shingles or patches. If there are bald spots on shingles, the asphalt is cracked, damaged or broken, or there are signs of rust. You need to call out a roofer to evaluate the damage and determine whether it is a repair or replacement you need from an inspection.

What does a roofer do on the job

Provide a dumpster or skip to get rid of waste and any material that is not required or is old or dangerous. They will typically allow this to arrive several days before they start the work in order to set things up

Install equipment

The roofer may install specialist equipment for health and safety, but also to ensure they can conduct the job or project or thy will sub-contract the work to a specialist in the area

Examples of this include, setting up the scaffolding to get to the roof as well as secure the area of work. The roofer may get a specialist company in to do this or they may have someone in the business that has the expertise and the equipment.

A roofer will install the chute to get rubbish and material from a high place to slide into the dumpster they placed below. This is to ensure efficient disposal of the waste as well as safe disposal

A roofer may install a crane or lift with winch and pulley. This is to ensure they have an efficient way to transfer the materials and resources to the point of need efficiently, safely and in a timely and cost effective way.

They may use manual mechanical lifting equipment also this depends on the job or project.

Health and safety is essential for roofing

This is possibly the most important role a roofer will make sure of on a job. They will secure themselves, with harnesses and safety hats are worn on the site or project. That right hand protective equipment is used, and that roofers know how to secure the equipment and use it in the right and safe way.

They will ensure that the area is fenced off and signs put up to ensure that debris or material does not fall from above and injure someone below. And they will make sure no go areas and times are communicated.

Believe it or not, roofers are concerned with wildlife, if they find a nest, which is occupied, by birds or wildlife, they will relocate the nest to a safe place, knowing that if the parents of the animals return the new location from the calling of the chicks.

Weather watch health and safety

If a job is outdoors it may be that the weather is too hot or too cold, or storms to be able to do the work safely they will keep an eye on the weather and if it becomes unsafe to work, will cease activities and secure the area till work can resume in safer conditions.

Hazardous material disposal

A roofer may be dealing with asbestos in which case they will get in touch with a specialist firm that is able to handle and remove asbestos safely and leave the area safe for work and after work.

This is very important, as asbestos can be extremely hazardous to human and animal life.

Material and resource supply

The roofer will ensure that the materials and tolls are delivered either on a schedule or all at once to the job depending on how they want to run the job. This would mean tar, shingles; PVC, rubber etc. are brought in the right quantities to the site, to ensure the completion of the project with minimal delay or disruption based on material supply

Process of roof repair or replacement

Below we will guide you through a very general level of activity in the process of roof repair.

Work on the roof

We explained some of the pre-preparation activities that take place. But after that the actual site of work needs to be prepared also by the roofer. They start by removing the old roofing material

They will then evaluate the roof decking or the (sheathing) to check the condition understand coverage, and what work needs to be done to it, if it is not solid they will replace it, if it remains solid and is there is no damage, they will probably leave it in place.

Assuming they find it damaged they would replace the decking, and they may install a water barrier usually plastic, rubber, or PVC, to prevent damage from the rains and storms.

They will install the drip edge at the bottom edge of the roof; this is a trellis to allow water that runs down, to collect and in conduit and flow down to a pipe where it can feed into the drainage system. Drip edges can also be placed on the corners.

Felt or some kind of synthetic underlay will be placed and secured.

The debris and rubbish will also be removed throughout the process, but also as a final step at the end of the job.

The roofer will inspect the work and ensure it meets the standard of quality and approval of work by the client or customer.

What to do before getting a roofer

When looking to get a new roofer, we recommend that you consider the following factors when finding a Roofer.

The cost of the project or job

What is your budget for the roofing project or job? How much does the Roofer charge for their services? We recommend you find a Roofer whose cost of charges falls within your budget. Sometimes it may be that the job requires a roofer to inspect the work and the jobs will be based on a quote rather than a budget. In this case find a Roofer whose services are affordable to you. Ensure you are transparent with the budget for the job with your roofers.

The experience of the roofer

Roofers will have been on some kind of course and/followed some kind of apprenticeship program. These can be done at college as well as work experience or on the job training.

You do not need a university qualification to become a roofer.

The two main qualifications for a roofer to have are:

• Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Roofing Occupations

• Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Roof Slating and Tiling

You could also specialize in carpentry, thatching, or lead work. Additionally with development in eco-friendly products and roofing, eco-roofing and solar panels are an area that the future for roofing will require.

These skills are important but the experience of using specialist tools, working on various projects and being able to demonstrate that they have worked on the projects similar to the one being tendered or the job being asked

Experienced Roofers deliver high-quality projects as well as use specialist tools to deliver them. Find a Roofer that has worked on several similar projects in the past. If you need a unique new home, look for a custom home Roofer.

Always ensure that you work with a Roofer that not only complies with the law but also offers the right type of insurance that you need for the project. Additionally, we recommend that you find a Roofer who is also accredited and registered with bodies in the UK such as:

• Institute of Roofing


• National Heritage Group

They should also have the necessary permits to undertake the roofing project.

How to find a good roofer who you can trust?

The next step is to find a Roofer you can trust, is reliable, experienced and safe. How do you find a good roofer who you can trust

Here is our mini guide to help you find a roofer you can trust.

Use our free online tool to find a Roofer

You might be asking; how do I find a Roofer online? You can use online tools to find a Roofer. The advantage of such platforms is that they allow customers to rate their experience with the listed Roofers. If a Roofer is not trustworthy, you can easily check their profile and avoid them.

Here at Billntrade, we connect customers with their desired Roofers. We have developed an online tool that will help you find a Roofer for your project.

We built the tool because customer were struggling to find a Roofer on their own through the thousands of Roofers available on the internet, and this was problematic, inefficient and time consuming. Billntrade.com connects you directly with roofers near you, on our marketplace or roofers you know in a single click to send a quote, in a resourceful and efficient way.

Billntrade.com uses workflow solutions to help with quotes, discussions, orders, managing tasks, and many other features to help you and your roofer maximize the chance of success with your project through technology in one place, this includes quotes, orders, invoices, chats, cosy management and much more.

You can even compare the options available when you search "Roofer near me". Someone showing on top of the list is not a guarantee is a fit for you. Check reviews, expertise, costing, and certifications. as well as, check the location, reviews and ratings.

Billntrade.com hosts many qualified and vetted Roofers, so why not start your search journey here.

Ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Another tip on how to find a good Roofer is to ask for recommendations from family members and friends that have worked with Roofers in the past. If someone you know has had a roofing project project completed by a qualified, professional, and licensed Roofer, they can easily connect you with the Roofer, especially if they liked the outcome of their project. Asking for recommendations is one of the easiest and fastest ways to find a reputable Roofer for your home.

Another tip on how to find a reliable Roofer is to look for a local Roofer in your area. You can take a walk in your area or drive around to see if you can find any roofing projects going on, which can assist you with identifying active Roofers near your area. Additionally, in case you come across a Roofer’s board, it will help you figure out which Roofers in your area are open to work. If you are looking for ways how to find a Roofer of a house, you need to consider that leaflets may be part of distributed junk mail, or posted in community centers or local job boards.

Ask other trades such as builders and scafolding company owners.

If you have worked with other contractors in the past such as builders, or scaffolding companies, they work closely with roofers, and can offer referrals to the best home Roofers, or you can ask them for guidance on how to find a good Roofer in the UK. If someone recommends someone, take some time to look them up and compare them use Billntrade.com to review their profile, as well as with the other Roofers listed online. If they compare favorably, you can go ahead and request a quote for your roofing project.

How Do You Know If a Roofer Is Reliable?

As we stated earlier, it is easy to find a Roofer online. However, how will you determine whether the Roofer is reliable? Here are several factors that you should take into account before hiring a Roofer.

A reliable Roofer will be willing to show you the past projects that they have worked on in the past as well as the results. As a potential client, you are allowed to request pictures or testimonials of the previous projects of the Roofer. If a Roofer keeps giving you excuses about why they cannot show you the previous houses or buildings they have worked on, it's probably because they did not do a great job. Additionally, if the roofing job is similar to yours ask for a quote comparison, to ensure that the charge is fair, (inflation considered). Roofers should know how to quote and give a breakdown of pricing also.

The previous results of the projects the Roofer has worked on indicate the quality of the results of your project when you hire the Roofer. If past projects are impressive, then you can rely on the Roofer to do great work on your project.

Customer service

Another thing to know about how to find a good Roofer in your area that is good is their customer service and after-care. When you contacted the company, how did the customer attendant treat you? Were they respectful and professional? Did they answer your questions well or were you ignored? Were they rude over the phone or did they answer all your questions politely? A reliable Roofer will have a customer service team that is reasonable, professional, ethical, and respectful. More importantly, they should know what they are talking about, be able to connect you with the right person, and ensure that the whole communication process runs smoothly.

Testimonials from the roofers previous customers

To know how to find a good home Roofer, you need to get in contact with the former customers of the Roofer to find out the what their experience was like working with the roofer

try to get insight to questions that are important to you as well as any considerations that you would need a roofer to consider, for example:

• Was the Roofer always punctual?

• Did the Roofer deliver the project in the agreed time and budget?

• Did the Roofer communicates politely and effectively with the client at all times?

Which Roofer certification or insurances should I Look for in the roofer

If you are wondering about how to find out if a Roofer is certified you need to ensure that they stick to UK standards and have the right certifications and insurances. Below are some of the certification that you should look for a Roofer to have and demonstrate are valid before hiring them.


A qualified home Roofer should have a Constructions Skills certification membership card. A professional accreditation for the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) should provide the roofers roofing skills, offers RoofCERT National Roofing Accreditation – the only one of its kind in the UK and recognized by the Industries.

Bodies the roofer is registered with to gurantee Quality of work

Companies house

The last thing you need is for a Roofer to start working on your roofing project, only for the project to be abandoned in the middle of work due to legal issues. There are several websites that you can use to check if the Roofer is registered in the UK. and the information includes

• The name of the business

• The roofers Companies house number

• The type of trade

• The official business address for the roofers business

Why Hire a certified roofer?

If you are wondering how to find a Roofer for a custom home roofing project, you need to make certain that you hire a roofer is certified to do that work. Although an unlicensed Roofer may be cheaper, the quality of their work will most likely be less than adequate, and require you to carry out several repairs in future. As a result, the total cost of hiring an unlicensed home roofer will undoubtedly is more in the long run. Why not save money right now by hiring a certified roofer? Below are the reasons why you need to hire a certified Roofer.


Finding a reliable Roofer is very important for the success of your project. Certified roofers tend to be more professional, ethical, straightforward, and will always comply with the Uks’ roofing standards and regulation . An uncertified Roofer may get in trouble with the law for carrying out a business without a license, which would lead to them abandoning the project before completion.

High-quality work

If you need high-quality work done on your project, find a licensed and certified Roofer. It is hard to find good quality from cowboy wannabes who claim that the trade runs in their families. It does not. It takes training and experience to become a master Roofer.

How much does a roofer cost?

The cost of a Roofer is determined by the amount of work they do, the roofing process, the labor they require, and the materials they will require to carry out the project. When it comes to project costs, insist on seeing a list of deliverables. What is included? How much does it cost? Without such a list, it will be hard to know what you are buying. You don't have to insist. If the roofer does not see it fit to break down his or her package, they probably don't deserve your project. You also need to ensure that the written contract indicates how you should pay the Roofer as well as the amount of time it will take to complete the project. Before signing the contract, ask the Roofer how they expect to be paid.

Typically, there will be a down payment, usually between 5-15% and a milestone-based payment. Release the payment based on the actual work. Ensure that each stage is completed before you pay the Roofer and third parties such as warranty and roofing inspectors can approve the work.

Additionally, ensure that you agree with the Roofer on the amount of money that you will hold as retention until the project is completed. The retention is usually between 2 and 5 per cent of the total cost.

Labor rates for roofers

A roofer specializes in the construction and repair of all types of roofs. They typically charge between £15 and £30 an hour, or £120 to £240 a day. This will depend on location, type of work, distance travelled, materials required, but this can be identified in the quote.

How to get good roofers quotes.

Once you have narrowed down on the Roofer, you need to get a good quote from them. Apart from learning how to find a Roofer of a house, you need to learn how to get a correct estimate from them. To get a good quote, you need to ensure that you provide the Roofer with as much information about the project as possible. Some of the details that you need to provide the Roofer with to get a good estimate include:


Provide the Roofer with information about the type of materials the project will require. Include any shingles, slates, warm tar, nails, staples, rubber, PVC and many other materials

A description of the work on the quote

Inform the Roofer how you want the quote to be set out. This includes allowances for services that cannot be priced without an investigation such as evaluation of the roof condition, as well as the sum of total labor.

How Many Roofers' Quotes Do You Need When Trying to Find a Roofer?

The minimum number of quotes that you should get from Roofers before selecting the one you want to complete your roofing job is three. We recommend that you get quotes from 3 or more Roofers so that you can compare their services and costs to select the Roofer that best suits your budget and needs. How do you choose a home Roofer? Here are a few tips you can keep in mind when selecting a Roofer.

Don’t necessarily accept the first quote you get

The first Roofer you come across may seem great but do not accept their quote before you can compare it with other options. This is because the quote of one Roofer can vary with the quotes of another Roofer by hundreds of pounds. Also, check what the quote entails because the cheapest quote may not be the best quote for your project. For instance, if the quote of a Roofer seems very low, check whether it includes painting, decorating, and renovation costs.

Compare the experiences of the Roofers

To get the most out of your money, ensure that you go for the Roofer with the most experience and can show they have worked on several similar projects in the past.

How to evaluate quotes

Another thing on how to find a Roofer for a new roofing project with the best quotes is to evaluate the genuineness of the quotes. Do the quotes seem too high? Are the quotes too low? Do you think the quotes seem a little too good to be true? There are a few things that you need to clarify with the Roofer to be sure that you will be paying for the price reflected in the quotes. They include:

A detailed brief of the project

Ensure that you prepare a brief that clearly explains the things you want or do not want for the project. For instance, if your project is about building a new roof ensures that the quote you receive does not involve additional renovation or repair costs. You need to study a quote before agreeing to its conditions.

A list of the duties of everyone involved in the project

Another thing you need to be careful about in the quote is the duties of people in the project. Get a clear understanding of the duties that the roofer will be responsible for, as well as your duties. For instance, will you be in charge of managing the project? Or is that the responsibility of the roofer? Also, who will be in charge of putting scaffolding up and disposing of hazardous materials?

Do I need a contract with My Roofer? What Type of Contract? Written or Oral?

The best type of contract to have with a Roofer is a written contract so that both parties can have a clear understanding of what is expected from them legally and as a deliverable. If you come across a Roofer that tries to make you agree to an oral contract, you need to avoid them because they may have other intentions of overpricing you later on. Below are several reasons why you need to have a legally binding contract with your roofer.

The contract contains important information to refer to

In case you and your home Roofer have some disagreements during the project, you can both refer to the contract for clarification and a way to resolve. Some of the important details that a contract contains that will help avoid any misunderstandings and they include:

• The agreed quote

• The roofing projects design and plans

• The permissions requirements, planning development approvals

• The schedule of the work to be carried out

• Specifications

A written contract contains payment plans and conditions for retention

Another reason why you need to have a legally binding written contract with your Roofer is that the contract covers various payment issues that may arise during the project. For example, what will happen in case an overrun occurs during the project? How will the estimated losses that may occur during the overrun be handled?

Why Do people hire local Roofers?

If you are wondering how to find a Roofer for a roof refit, repair, installations and renovations. If you wonder how to find a roofer near me, that can do this work, then you should consider hiring a local Roofer for your project. People prefer to hire local Roofers because of the following:

Local roofers are easy to find

When you search for local Roofer services in your area, Google will show you the Roofers that are nearest to your location. This is beneficial, especially if you have an urgent project that needs to be carried out within a short period. Local Roofers will be able to arrive at your site in time and complete the project.

Local roofers are affordable

Roofers that are near your area will charge less compared to Roofers that are in another town. This is because Roofers that are far will factor in extra logistical costs.

Questions to ask your chosen Roofer before signing a contract?

Before you sign a contract, there are several questions that you need to ask the Roofer.

The amount of time they will take to complete the project

Ensure that you confirm with the Roofer how much time they will take to complete the project. Working with a defined timeline will ensure that the Roofer delivers on their promise before you pay for the services.

Whether the Roofer offers any warranty options

Check the details of the warranty. If there is no warranty, you will be exposed when something happens soon after the project is deemed complete.


A roofer should have the following insurances

• Public and product liability insurance

• Employers' liability insurance

• Accidental death insurance

The roofer may choose to have other cover for tools, contracts for example

Your journey towards getting a reputable Roofer near your location is only smooth if you know what you are looking for and where to look for it.


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